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The South East Tour

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Tour Overview

Tour Type: Sightseeing
Departure Point:
From your hotel in the north, south, east or west of Mauritius
Location: South East Tour
Duration: 8 hours approx.

Tickets and lunch: Not included

Places you will discover in this guided south east tour:

  • Grand bassin ( also named as Ganga Talao)
  • Bois Cherie Tea Factory & Museum
  • La Vanille Crocodiles Park
  • La Vallee Nature Park
  • Gris Gris View Point


The South-East Tour Mauritius


Grand Bassin (also named as Ganga Talao)

Ganga Talao is a crater lake situated in a secluded mountain area in the district of Savanne, deep in the heart of Mauritius. It is about 550 m above sea level. The first group of pilgrims who went to Ganga Talao were from the village of Triolet and it was led by Pandit Giri Gossayne from Terre Rouge in 1898.

Bois Cheri Tea Factory & Museum

Bois Chéri is the first tea plantation in Mauritius and dates back to 1892. A guide will lead you through the factory and the tea plantation, offering you to discover the history, stories and tales of the Bois Chéri and the importance of tea productions in Mauritius. After the guided tour of the tea factory, you will visit the tea production museum learning more about the history of tea in Mauritius.

La Vanille Crocodiles Park

La Vanille Nature Park is a blissful and marvellous park of ornated tropical vegetation covering 3.5 hectares. Appreciate the exceptional experience of walking amidst the largest group of captive-bred giant Aldabra tortoises in the world. The park got more than 1000 tortoises, in addition 2000 Nile Crocodiles as well as a variation of other animals such as monkeys, iguanas, bats, deer, geckos, eels and more.

La Vallee Des Couleurs Nature Park

La Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park,is actively engaged in the business of eco-tourism. The fascinating attractions revolve around the indigenous fauna and flora, including the 23-coloured earth which are displayed with the domain. Spread over some 450 acres of land, it is the signature of the Park and constitutes a unique geological feature in this part of the world.

Gris Gris Viewpoint

Gris Gris Beach is known for its wild and pristine landscape. It is located close to the village of Souillac and boasts of a black rocky coastline. The region is surrounded by rough cliffs that abruptly slope down to the ocean. These cliffs are made from basaltic rocks and offer the best backdrop imaginable.

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